1. Do you accept all insurance plans?

  2. How do I order non-cycle fill medications?

  3. Was my insurance billed?

  4. What do I do if my resident needs a prescription for a controlled medication?

  5. What happens if there is a change to a resident’s medication in the middle of cycle?

  6. What information am I required to provide the pharmacy?

  7. When should I re-order non-cycle fill medications?

  8. What medications do not come on cycle fill?

  9. Why did you send a partial quantity and then a full cycle fill?

  10. I already paid the facility, why am I now receiving a bill from Salibas?

  11. I thought I wasn’t supposed to have co-pays since I am on AHCCCS?

  12. Isn’t Medicare supposed to cover my medications?

  13. What is Cycle Fill?

  14. Are my co-pays the same at Saliba’s as they are at retail pharmacies?

  15. What resources are available to help me pay for my medications?

  16. Why was I billed for full cycle fills twice in the same month?

  17. Can the pharmacy dispose of my sharps containers?