The long-term care business has many complex, moving parts. We know how to make them work together to enhance all facets of patient care.

Saliba’s Extended Care Pharmacy Tucson expertly serves assisted living communities, behavioral health homes, adult foster care homes, adult care homes and skilled nursing communities, using proven best practices to ensure the best possible care for the residents of our customers.


We offer compliance packaging systems that make passing medications easier and more time-efficient.

  • Our cycle-fill program eliminates the need for assisted living facility staff to reorder chronic routine medications; they are dispensed automatically every four weeks.
  • We have nurses on staff to provide hands on customer assistance including in-services, med pass observations, med room audits, medical records audits.
  • Our billing staff is highly trained in all aspects of insurance and Medicare claims processing. They can help maximize the benefits that your residents receive from their prescription insurance coverage and can assist residents in finding a Medicare D plan that is best for them.

Our Web Connect technology allows our customers to effortlessly access our pharmacy computer system.

  • Our customers can easily view their residents’ medication profiles and other important data.
  • Our customer facilities can order refill medications online using our bar code scanning technology.


Saliba’s Extended Care Pharmacy Tucson is dedicated to providing world class customer service, including:

  • Compliance packaging systems – multi-dose and unit-dose punch cards
  • Automatic cycle-fill refills of  routine medications
  • Multiple routine delivery runs per day
  • Nurses available to provide hands on customer service
  • In-services and Medication Administration Training and CE
  • Med pass audits
  • Medical records audits
  • Electronic  and paper MAR’s
  • Electronic bar code refill scanning
  • Consultant pharmacist services
  • Formulary management
  • Timely, accurate and professional delivery service
  • Friendly, professional, clinically trained pharmacists on duty to answer questions

This flexible, attentive customer service can only be offered by a locally managed company.