Valentine’s Day at Saliba’s is much more than an annual romantic holiday. Since February 14, 1999, Saliba’s president John Saliba has celebrated our pharmacy staff employees in a very special way – and this year was no exception.

What began as a gesture of appreciation for three employees has grown into a huge occasion for all 220 Saliba’s employees.

Every Valentine’s Day, each female employee receives a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and each male employee receives a two-pound box of See’s Candy. These gifts are accompanied by a personal, handwritten note from John.

John and his “helpers” come into the pharmacy very early in the morning to distribute the flowers and candy to all employees. The flowers’ fragrance and colors fill the pharmacy to create a beautiful garden for the day.

Employees routinely express their gratitude for John’s generous nature and look forward to the special event every year. With ominous events of this past year still looming, this Valentine’s Day helped brighten spirits tremendously.