Dear Saliba’s Pharmacy Customers,

Pharmacy is an essential service and we realize that Saliba’s Extended Care Pharmacy is a critical part of the health care infrastructure in Arizona. We are committed to effectively serving your needs throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we have implemented a progressive response plan that evolves as new information emerges and the outbreak continues to sprawl the nation. Our plan is designed to ensure our ability to provide service throughout the crisis, and to minimize the chances of becoming a vector for viral transmission between facilities. These are our most important objectives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Measures we are currently taking include:

  • Mandate effective hygiene and perform staff training on hand washing and general infection control practices
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting all work areas
  • All staff handling medications must wear gloves and change them frequently
  • Screen employees for symptoms each day and require all employees feeling less than 100% to stay home
  • Increased the number of employees working remotely and increased space between employees in the pharmacy
  • Developed progressive staffing plans to be prepared for increased absenteeism due to the outbreak
  • Cancelled all pharmacy tours and suspended all non-essential visitors to the pharmacy
  • Suspended ALL medication returns from all facility types
  • Require drivers to wear gloves and disinfect hands between stops. Also, they are entering the recipient name into the handheld device rather than asking for a signature
  • Drivers are only going to the front door or reception area for deliveries, and are prohibited from entering resident areas
  • Enforced use of 100% disposable delivery packaging
  • Nurse account managers and customer liaisons must refrain from entering all customer facilities. They will still call to check on customers and offer whatever help is necessary to stay current on any evolving restrictions or concerns you may have at your facilities
  • Significantly increased our medication inventory to help mitigate any shortages that might occur

As we are all aware, this situation is fluid and changes rapidly. Clear, timely, and effective communication is more critical than ever. Please keep us informed of any significant changes in your facilities and we will do the same.

Thank you for your business and for the trust you have placed in us.

John Saliba
President, RPh