Brookdale North Scottsdale, a community served by Saliba’s Extended Care, recently welcomed new resident Lee McCann, a retired pharmacist who truly enjoyed his career and expressed a desire to continue his pharmacy work.

After learning about Lee’s passion for pharmacy, the executive director at Brookdale North, Nicole Southey, contacted Saliba’s nurse account manager, Lora Reynolds. Along with Saliba’s operations director Jennifer Nabors, they set up a modified pharmacy workstation at Brookdale North that allows Lee to continue his daily pharmacy routine.

The workstation includes vials and bubble packs filled with candy, a pill counter tray, note pads and post-it notes. Jennifer went the extra mile and personalized the stock with his name and pharmacist credentials.

Lee loves his new work station, where he can be found filling candy prescriptions and sorting medications every day.

We are grateful for residents like Lee, who inspire communities like Brookdale North and our Saliba’s staff to collaborate on special projects that bring joy to residents, their communities and everyone else involved.